Stuart Roberts
Roberts quit last week.
GAP Personnel say it's "business as usual" despite Stewart Roberts’ decision to quit as chief executive of Nomads.
Roberts was instrumental in Gap's takeover of the Deeside outfit in the close season, but club president John Gray says that Gap managing director Gary Dewhurst has quashed fears they are to pull out.
"I've spoken to Gary and there are no issues with Gap," says Gray.
"Stewart won’t be replaced so I will work closer with Gary and Gap to help fill that role. But we are looking for a commercial manager on a full-time basis."
However, Gap are understood to be seeking additional investment from the local business community to help bankroll the Nomads.
"It’s wrong for anyone to think that just because Gap are a very successful recruitment company that it should be their burden alone to run the football club," says the departing Roberts.
"That was never the plan. The plan was they would invest so much into owning the club so they can use it as a marketing tool for their business.
“But, at the same time, like every football club in Wales and around the world, they need local businesses to support them.
"Since resigning, I've had time to reflect on my time at the club and what sticks in my mind is that the club is better off now than what it was when Gap first came in.
"Because of my association with Gap, I suppose it would be natural for some people to think that, as I have left, they will follow suit.
"But as far as I’m aware, it’s business as usual and they will continue to support the club," added Roberts.
7 December 2008