Cwmbran's players are not being paid.
Players unite behind Wharton
CWMBRAN are on the brink of ruin but could be saved, according to a group that wants to take over the cash-strapped Gwent outfit.
The Crows can no longer afford to pay the players or hire their council-owned training ground, but chairman Mike Lewis says the offer of help "is not agreeable to the committee".
Carolynn Purcell who, with former committee member Andy Havelot, fronts a group intent on saving the inaugural winners of the League of Wales says: "I am repeating my offer to put a five-figure sum into the club for the next three years - and we'll also take on the club's debt.
"We'll aim to keep the club afloat in the long term and we've put together a three to five-year business plan.
"Mr Lewis says he has told the players that there's no money. Well I have news for them - we have some," added Ms Purcell.
"If we take over they would be paid on a sliding scale for wins and draws. There would be no payment for losing, but no player will be out of pocket, especially on long away trips."
Havelot quit the committee in pre-season in a dispute over the budget. "A pay-reduction policy should have been introduced and I believe everyone now realises that would have been correct," he added.
Cwmbran's cash crisis is the second in 12 months - they managed to finish the last campaign despite also suffering a 13-point deduction.
4 December 2006