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CONNAH'S Quay say they intend to transition to full-time status "within the next two years" after confirming that manager Andy Morrison has extended his contract until June 2020.

Since arriving from his role as assistant manager at Airbus, Morrison has left the Nomads to their highest-ever Welsh Premier finish as runners-up last season and to the second qualifying round of the Europa League, as well as Welsh Cup and League Cup semi-finals.

"Since Andy took the reins at the Nomads in November 2015, the fitness and performance levels of the first team have improved dramatically," says club owner Gary Dewhurst.

"When you add in the resilience and belief he has instilled into the players, not to mention the detailed pre-game planning and in-game coaching, it makes a powerful combination and it is no surprise to me we've enjoyed the success we've had over the last 18 months."

Nomads say that extensive trials and scouting are in process as the club looks to sign their initial batch of players to full-time contracts. "There is no time pressure on this transition - the pace of change wholly depends on how fast we can identify the right players for The Nomads - quality players who can improve the first team, fit in with the Nomads' culture and who possess ambition to challenge TNS' dominance of the Welsh League over the last decade," Dewhurst added.

With Bangor City also indicating a willingness to go full-time, both they and Nomads hope to challenge the domination of TNS, currently the league's only full-time club.