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GAP Connah's Quay manager Andy Morrison was unimpressed with referee Iwan Griffiths after his side was beaten 1-0 at TNS on Friday night.

"We've got two games left until the end of the season and I've not mentioned a referee all season, but the referee was hopelessly out of his depth, as simple as that and not good enough for this level," Morrison told Sgorio.

"That's twice we've had him now and twice he's cost me games and I'll stick my neck out and just say it, he's out of his depth."

Nomads' had Nathan Woolfe sent-off late in the game and Morrison went on: "I think it's a harsh red card, it didn't need a red card, there's two players covering round, the lad's lost contact with the ball, he isn't getting to the ball and there's people coming round.

"It's not just that, this is football, it's a man's game, this is a contact sport. When you've got somebody out there giving fouls for people touching each other. It's as frustrating for the opposition as it is for me, that's not football, that's not reflective of football in any way.

"I might as well give the game up. Anybody watching that game tonight who sees some of the fouls that are given would say the game's gone, completely gone, because it was absolutely appalling tonight."