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CARMARTHEN have unveiled plans to convert Richmond Park to a 3G surface but need to bridge a funding shortfall of £150,000.

"The club's intention is to help create a wider community benefit by helping and supporting people to reach their full potential," said project manager and club director Jeff Thomas, who said the club was forging a number of key partnerships to progress the project.

"We have always been recognised locally as a great community club, keen to get involved in helping the wider community," Thomas went on. "Our focus has always been much more than just our ground at Richmond Park.

"Our 3G plan includes a community programme with particular emphasis on socially and economically challenged areas of Carmarthen. Where we can help these socially and economically challenged areas, we will be able to provide use of the 3G pitch for free, for their benefit."

Club chairman Chris Edwards says: "We already have a very active community centre on site at Richmond Park and this latest development will provide a further boost for the community at large. Engaging with the community in Carmarthen is a key ambition for us.

"We have had an offer of funds to help us carry out ground improvements to the current turf pitch at Richmond Park. But that would not fit in with our more ambitious plans for a 3G pitch, which would, of course, be a greater asset for the wider community."

The 3G team is totally committed to bridging the funding shortfall of £150,000 for the scheme, Thomas says. "Efforts to close the funding gap have been going on for the past two years and we remain as determined as ever to reach our goal.

"With £410,000 already committed to the project, it will be a tragedy to see the project falter now at this late stage, especially when you consider the benefits it will bring to our town."