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Dylan Ebenezer Manchester City fans may scoff but it’s apparent that you can’t just buy success in football, writes Dylan Ebenezer on the Sgorio blog.

NEATH were many peoples favourites - including mine! - to win the Welsh Premier title this season but it’s all gone horribly wrong.
The news that Terry Boyle and Peter Nicholas had been dismissed came as no surprise following a slow start to the season.
The club may only be seven point behind leaders The New Saints but that’s not good enough for this ambitious outfit, as Andy Dyer found to his cost in the summer – sacked despite clinching a place in Europe for the first time in the club's history.
So will it be third time lucky for Neath as they consider their next choice of boss? Well a lot depends on what else is going on at The Gnoll.
There have been rumours of financial problems and despite stating that "all the players have been paid up to date" the doubts remain.
The comparison with Man City is not as far fetched as all that. The new owners threw millions at Mark Hughes but the Welshman failed to deliver. It's only now with Roberto Mancini in charge (and a few more millions spent obviously) that success seems to be guaranteed.
So, beyond signing David Silva and Sergio Aguero what can Neath do? Well the appointment of Kris O’Leary as caretaker manager is a good start.
The midfielder has worked with a host of managers during his time with Swansea and has a lot to offer.
In nearly 15 years O’Leary worked with 11 different managers from his first game in 1996 under Jan Molby to his last game for the Swans in 2010 under Paulo Sousa.
He’s learnt from Roberto Marinez, Brian Flynn and Kenny Jackett and he could be the perfect choice.
Whether or not he wants the job is another matter! But just look at another Welsh club where a player has turned into a reluctant, yet succesful, manager.
Andy Morrell is flying at Wrexham, he’s leading by example on the pitch and the players are all responding.
It all goes back to what’s going on behind the scenes. If the backing continues and the players stay then the squad is obviously good enough to challenge for the title.
The nature of the league this season means that a seven point gap could be clawed back very quickly, especially after the split when the top six go head to head every week.
If however the money runs out it’s sure to be all change – and it'll be a case of sparing some loose change at The Gnoll.


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