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WELSH Premier clubs playing in the Europa League next season will receive a substantial boost in their prize money.

They will each earn €200,000, the same as The New Saints will bank for reaching the first qualifying round of the Champions League.

Uefa has moved to narrow the disparity in prize money between its two competitions. Rather than Champions League clubs getting £4.30 for every £1 available in UEFA’s secondary competition, the ratio has been narrowed to £3.30. 

UEFA has increased the financial rewards for the Europa League by 65 percent with additional revenue for clubs in the qualifying rounds.

The three qualifiers will see their prize money rise by more than 50% from the current €130,000 with an additional €210,000 up for grabs if they can reach the second qualifying round as Prestatyn Town did two years ago.

In comparison, TNS would win an additional €300,000 Euros should they win through to the second stage.

Should any team reach the Europa League group stage, €2.4m would be their reward.

"UEFA is really pleased that the new distribution system not only provides for a substantial rise in monies received by clubs participating in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, but also strengthens UEFA's solidarity principle, namely ensuring an even more substantial increase in solidarity payments to clubs," says UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino.

"In this way, the new system provides a better deal for everyone, especially those clubs which did not qualify to the group stage of either of the two UEFA club competitions.

"This is a perfect example of the proper implementation of the solidarity principle which forms an essential part of UEFA's key values."