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THE future of Prestatyn Town is seriously threatened by a claim for £53,132 in unpaid tax, a figure which is disputed by the club.

HM Revenue & Customs has "closed the book" on the case and has issued a winding-up petition which means the club must pay in full or cease to exist in its current form.

A special meeting was held tonight  to inform fans of the situation and ensure them that the Seasiders are doing all they can to resolve it.

"If this situation isn't resolved by November 24 then we will cease to exist," said chairman Chris Tipping.

"We have already raised a significant amount through three pledges so far, but we are still substantially short of our required figure.

"We have worked hard over the last three years to stabilise the club and have done so, but nobody expected this."

The club was initially ordered to pay a sum of £75,000 to HMRC, but this was reduced as it was not recognised as a limited company for the first two years of the figures.

They also showed that the Huws Gray Alliance side have been charged the same amount for 2014 and 2015 – a sum of £13,361.60 – despite Tipping slashing the wage bill from £4,000 to £1,400 per week following his appointment as chairman.

"I have been working with the HMRC off-and-on for the last 10 years and I have never seen an instance that they have not offered some sort of payment plan," added Tipping, who said they are unable to take the case to the High Court due to cost and that accountant fees for the problem have totalled £7,000 thus far.

Current pledges – which are "some loans, some donations" – total somewhere in the region of £20,000-£30,000 and the club are now calling on supporters and local businesses to aid them in reaching their total.

Promoted to the Welsh Premier League in 2008, the Seasiders qualified for the Europa League five years later, beating Liepajas Metalurgs of Latvia on away goals. 

But relegation was only avoided in 2013/14 because there was no licensed candidate from the south and here was no reprieve 12 months later after finishing in last place.