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THE rebranding of Carmarthen Town's Richmond Park ground as the Vibrant Vapours Stadium as part of a sponsorship deal has caused concern in the area.

An local e-cigarette firm has rubber stamped the deal with club bosses this week, but a retired paediatrician has raised concern over the sponsorship deal, claiming it "sends the wrong message to youngsters".

Dr Dewi Evans, who is also a Carmarthen town councillor, argues that despite e-cigarettes containing no cancerogenics, there are still questions over the effects of nicotine on the body.

Evans says the notion of e-cigarettes and vaping doesn't sit easy with him in terms of sponsoring a sports club.

"Of course stadiums and clubs are sponsored," he told the Carmarthen Journal. 

"However, I think a vaping and e-cigarette firm is not the best brand for a sports club sponsorship or name of a ground. It sends out the wrong message.

"Especially to youngsters who are always tempted to experiment and while the tobacco and cancerogenic risks are removed with vaping and e-cigarettes there are still questions over the effects of nicotine on the body."

"Those are to do with how nicotine can effect the body's circulation. This sponsorship glamorises e-cigarettes and youngsters don't associate nicotine with the vapour and e-cigarettes, but they should."

"It's not all about being part of the cool crowd."

Speaking ahead of the concern raised about the deal, Carmarthen Town said the re-branding is part of a three three-year partnership.

Club chairman Jeff Thomas said: "It's a bold step for us, but in this very competitive age, we have to be bold to secure the funding we need to progress as a top class Welsh Premier League side.

"Carmarthen Town has always been at the cutting edge of innovation in the Welsh Premier League.

"We have, arguably, the finest ground facilities in the Welsh Premier and we are currently working on an ambitious project to install a 3G all-weather pitch at the ground.

"We are delighted to be able to announce that we have teamed up with Vibrant Vapours to establish new naming rights for the ground at Richmond Park."

Brian Harvey, commercial consultant for the club, said: "We are sure that all of the club's backers and supporters will realise the importance of such a deal for Carmarthen Town AFC.

"These are challenging times in the sporting world and we rely heavily on the support of sponsors and advertisers to continue to progress in the Welsh Premier League."