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Andy LeggWHILE welcoming the extension before the Welsh Premier's mid-season split, Llanelli manager Andy Legg says he doesn't think common sense has prevailed.
In particular, he feels that any postponed Boxing Day derby matches should not be played on Saturday 5 February, as proposed by the league administration, and that there is no pressure to have the split as early as the first week in February.
"I just don't understand where the league is coming from," he told welsh-premier.com today.
"When I look at our fixture congestion, we have got to play at least nine games in a month before the split, and then just 10 in three months afterwards, it just doesnt add up.
"And, if we lose the Boxing Day games to the weather, it would surely be better if we played outstanding local derbies midweek and staged the North/South games on Saturdays.
"Common sense should prevail - for example, Prestatyn are due to travel to us for a re-arranged game and also have to go to Neath.
"Surely it would be better if we played Carmarthen midweek so that Prestatyn can make a long journey on a Saturday."
Legg was also at pains to clarify his views on summer football after being quoted as being in favour of giving the plan a trial.
"I'm not a lover of summer football," he added, "I'm a traditionalist and I like my Christmas and New Year games.
"But we've tried everything else and I would like to see a two-year trial period.
"I think we would get more media coverage, more families at games and more bums on seats and that's what it's all about.
"Look at TNS, they probably play the nicest football you can watch, as good as the Football League, but they don't get people watching them in the winter."
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