Antonio Corbisiero

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ANTONIO Corbisiero has joined his manager Andy Legg in criticising the Football Association of Wales as Llanelli players wait to see if they will be paid.

Last week Legg hit out at the governing body after he, Luke Bowen and Chris Venables were slapped with fines and a suspension because they were sent off in a 3-0 Welsh Premier League defeat to Newtown in September.

All three claim they pleaded guilty when an FAW charge arrived in the post, meaning they would be banned for two games and fined £100, but they asked to be able to settle the fine after they had received money owed to them in unpaid wages.

Llanelli players recently went two months without pay and while chairman Nitin Parekh has started to resolve that situation, they remain out of pocket.

Legg, Venables and Bowen hoped the FAW would make allowances because of their situation. Instead the association fined them £150 and banned them for three games, stating they had not responded to the charges early enough to receive the original punishment, which was a reduced penalty.

"How can a player be expected to pay a fine when he's not being paid himself?" Corbisiero told the Llanelli Star.

"We've also lost three players for another game, we've only got a small squad and we're under a transfer embargo.

"After all that we've been through we feel like we're getting no support whatsoever, it's really disappointing.

"Just as things start to look a little brighter we take another step back.

"They told us to play games even though we weren't getting paid because otherwise it would look bad on the league, then they do this to us.

"A fine of £150 is a lot of money to anyone, let alone if you are not getting paid."

An FAW spokesman said Legg, Bowen and Venables could all have received a less severe £100 fine and two-game ban under the reduced penalty regulation, but said the trio failed to respond to the charges in time to qualify for the more lenient punishment.

The Llanelli players were due to get paid for October today (Wednesday).

Llanelli also have debts with other creditors that need to be settled, while Parekh has submitted a financial rescue plan to the league.