Newtown new stand

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NEWTOWN have published plans to bring their Latham Park ground up to Uefa's Category 2 level.

Ardent Robins' supporter Richard Lewis, an Architect with local firm Doug Hughes Architects, has produced plans based on chairman Elwyn Preece's ideas to develop the last side of the ground.

The proposal is that the roadway around the ground at the car park end of the ground is removed, along with the bank and treeline between the ground and the car park, with vehicular entry to the ground gained through the car park and down a new road joining up with the existing in front of the Keith Harding stand.

The plans are designed to fit in with the FAW's offer to provide assistance to the club in reaching Category 2 accreditation and will feature additional seating to exceed the required 1,500 seats necessary, four hospitality boxes, new changing rooms, drug-testing rooms, first aid and referee and delegate rooms.

Newtown officials are scheduled to meet with FAW licensing officers this week to analyse the stadium deficiencies to meet the higher Category 2 level, where the plans will be presented to them for advice and any additional requirements.