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Mike HarrisTHE New Saints' chief Mike Harris has given proposals for summer football in the Welsh Premier a warm reception.
Harris says it is an attractive prospect which would increase attendances and remove the rival pull of televised soccer, but he has some reservations.
"Families with young kids don't really want to bring them out when it is pouring with rain. I think if it was tried, we would probably say ok, but it needs to be done in a structured manner," he said.
But the Saints boss warned there could be problems with promotion and relegation from feeder leagues and warned that players could quit the Welsh system to play in winter soccer.
The benefits of achieving greater fitness for European competition is a double-edged sword, maintains former FAW Welsh Premier representative Harris, with more players facing the possibility of injury during a long summer league campaign.
But, on the whole, he said he was 'open minded' about the prospect and would be willing to give it a go if the potential pitfalls could be overcome.
"I think it would give us a bigger attendance. I have yet to be fully convinced but it can see many benefits in doing it," he added.
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