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Airbus v DruidsCEFN Druids' joint manager Waynne Phillips says a Boxing Day point at Airbus was just reward for his squad following a tough two weeks.
Despite being destined for the Cymru Alliance following delays in moving to a new stadium and a 50 percent cut in the playing budget, the Ancients' snatched a point at The Airfield thanks to Gary Penlington's late goal.
"I'm more pleased for the lads with the news we've had in the last couple of weeks and you probably had players out there today who were there for the right reasons - football first and pocket money second.
"It's a reward for the young lads in what has been a difficult season when we're getting knocked down every week and have people not giving us a chance. To come away from there with a point, we're absolutely delighted.
"This result has pleased us more than any other this season."
"We frustrated them, particularly in the second half and they played into our hands. There were more long balls coming forward which didn't really cause us too many problems and I can't recall a good chance that they created in the second half for the possession they might have had.
"We probably had the better chances in the second half, particularly with Craig Whitfield's chance, before the goal.
"I don't think they can have complaints with the result. They might be disappointed with the way they played, but that might not be giving us enough credit by being disappointed. Sometimes the opposition make it difficult for you and that's what we've done to them," he added.
Photo: Waynne Phillips wins the ball from Danny Desormeaux during the 1-1 draw at The Airfield.