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The winners of the League's Tony Wilcox Manager of the Year award.

1992/3: Tony Wilcox (Cwmbran Town)
1993/4: Nigel Adkins (Bangor City)
1994/5: Nigel Adkins (Bangor City)
1995/6: Paul Giles (Barry Town)
1996/7: Gary Barnett (Barry Town)
1997/8: Gary Barnett (Barry Town)
1998/9: Gary Barnett (Barry Town)
1999/0: Andy Cale (TNS)
2000/1: Peter Nicholas (Barry Town)
2001/2: Mickey Evans (Caersws)
and Kenny Brown (Barry Town)
2002/3: Kenny Brown (Barry Town)
2003/4: John Hulse (Rhyl FC)
2004/5: Ken McKenna (Total Network Solutions)
2005/6: Ken McKenna (Total Network Solutions)
2006/7: Ken McKenna (The New Saints)
2007/8: Peter Nicholas (Llanelli FC)
2008/9: Allan Bickerstaff (Rhyl FC)
2009/10: Neville Powell (Bangor City)
2010/11: Neville Powell (Bangor City)
2011/12: Carl Darlington (The New Saints) 
2012/13: Carl Darlington (The New Saints)
2013/14: Carl Darlington (The New Saints) 
2014/15: Craig Harrison (The New Saints)
2015/16: Craig Harrison (The New Saints)
2016/17: Craig Harrison (The New Saints)
Tony Wilcox
The late Tony Wilcox was the recipient of the first manager of the year award.
Ken McKenna
Ken McKenna was a three-time winner with TNS.

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23 September 2017

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